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Anaconda Chemicals’ stock of surplus chemicals is constantly changing, and the materials detailed below represent only a fraction of our available inventory. Where you have an interest, please contact us for technical data, MSDS and price.
Please also feel free to ask us about materials not on this list by visiting
our shopping list - click here.
Kieselguhr calcined
Dicalite Superaid
40000 kg
50 lb. (22.68 kg) sacks
Perfect. C of A available.
Anaconda Chemicals
Strontium chromate dust
Strontium chromate AT
Habich GmbH, Germany
1250 kg
25 kg sacks
Clean and dry.
Anaconda Chemicals
Magnesium hydroxide
Magnesia 7286/ 728610
Magnesia, Germany
30000 kg
25 kg sacks on pallets
Expired but otherwise perfect
Anaconda Chemicals
Empty mercury flasks
Empty mercury flasks
n/ a
6 x empty mercury flasks
Anaconda Chemicals
Exxal 8
4644 kg
172 kg drums
Perfect sealed drums
Anaconda Chemicals
Diatomaceous Earth
Celatom FW14
EP Minerals Europe
approx. 400T
Various - bulk bags and smaller sacks on pallets
Clean and dry
Anaconda Chemicals